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Rustic Luxury Getaway

Monasterio del Viento

Old Providence, Colombia

Rustic Luxury Getaway

Monasterio del Viento (Wind Monastery) in the island of Providencia enjoys a privileged location, nestled on a ridge above the ocean, hugged by a constant breeze, bathed by a sea of seven colors, and surrounded by natural diversity, making this house a unique treasure which is hard to beat.

Monasterio del Viento invites you to pause, observe and relax. Its isolation allows you to leave behind material possessions, worries and the need to constantly accomplish and get somewhere.  It’s a place to share with your couple, your family or to just connect a little better with yourself.

It’s a monastery for the wind and for nature, a place of calm, patience, reflection and fluidity.

It’s simply magical.

Our Staff

We are a diverse and highly prepared team that strives to design and personalize the host experience that will make you feel at home from the moment you arrive. We apply our broad knowledge and experience throughout your adventure on the island in order to make your journey memorable.


How to Get There

The Colombian island of Providencia, also known as Old Providence, is located in the Caribbean Ocean, and is part of the archipielago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. It is the second island in size in the Archipelago. It has 17 km² in length and 4 km in width. It is 90 km north of the island of San Andrés and 720 km northwest of the Colombian coast and only 300  kilometers east of the Nicaraguan coast. The island may be reached by air or sea in a Catamaran. Air travel takes 25 minutes, using small aircrafts, which depart from San Andrés. Flying services are provided by 2 companies: SATENA  and DECAMERONWe suggest purchasing flights well in advance due to limited availability. The aircrafts hold only 17 passengers and the frequency varies between 3 and 5 a day.

The boat trip (Catamaran) is approximately three and a half hours long, depending on the weather and seas. This service is provided by the Company CONOCEMOS NAVEGANDO.

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