Enjoying the Experiene

Delight in Old Providence


Creole gastronomy in Providencia is a living mosaic. The island’s cuisine is a reflection of the of its surroundings: the ocean, the mountains, the climate and the ethnic diversity of its people all factor in the mix.

Traditional European and American flavors, dictate the techniques and ingredients, while the importance of sharing a table, sets the life, rythm and pace of this region.  Monasterio del Viento’s gastronomy is characterized by the importance given to the raw material, the interpretation as a brand of innovation and creativity, based on the culinary traditions of the region and its recipes. We are committed to sustaining the island´s environment. Therefore, we do not create dishes that undermine the local marine eco-system. To achieve this, we have devoted a vast amount of time to interact with local fishermen, learn, understand and establish the technical parameters to be used by our providers.

We use the highest quality ingredients. This allows us to support the local island’s economy, while broadening our culinary Caribbean spectrum through experimentation. These conditions have allowed our chef to enhance and shift the focus of Providencia´s Caribbean cuisine. The combination of his modern culinary expertese and his personal taste, have been key in his search to break away from traditional schemes to create a distinctive and unforgettable signature touch.

Add to this, the physical and natural environment, our staging for special events and a dedicated staff, your stay will be memorable. We challenge you to taste new flavors and allow us to pleasently surprise you.

Experience the island

Discovering Old Providence

Old Providence transmits an incomparable Caribbean vibe which will make you want to return again and again. With 32 Km in length Providencia boasts the world’s 3rd largest and 2nd best preserved reef. It has been declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Ocean reserve.

For all those who love the outdoors and the ocean, this is undoubtedly one of the most magical places to visit in Colombia. Its wonderful beaches and crystalline waters are filled with marine life, while the keys and mangroves are rich with bird life and other species. Its nature trails will lead you to discover hideouts loaded with history and memorable scenery.

Aside from its natural diversity, the island offers a cultural richness that will enchant you with its music, architecture, gastronomy, costumes, diverse activities, and above all, the hospitality of its local people.

We invite you to discover the island’s magic.

Activities in the Island

The guests of Monasterio del Viento will have the possibility to choose from a varied list of activities to do during your stay. After a thorough search, the hosts of the house have found the best providers for each activity, to guarantee the best possible experience for their guests. Listed below, you will find a sample of the activities that you may experience during your visit. Upon reservation, you will receive a detailed brochure, specifying duration, difficulty level, costs and other details, per activity.

  • Motor boat outings: tour around the island, visits to the lighthouse, Robinson Crusoe and  the parks.
  • Fishing: trolling and harpooning
  • Skiing and wakeboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkling
  • Diving: certificaions and day and night immersions
  • Ecological walks
  • Horseback riding
  • Cooking clases
  • Paper mache clases
  • Motorcycle and golf cart rentals
  • Private concerts
  • Massages
  • Beaches
  • Horse races
  • Night life
  • Local restaurants